Conquering College Search and College Visits - Summer of the Junior Year
Things that juniors must be doing the summer season prior to the fall of the senior year: conquering the college search process
Be discipline enough to continue to read as much as you can because this will certainly assist you when you take your SAT's and ACT in the fall. Hopefully you have taken the SAT's or the ACT in the spring of your junior year however if you didn't it is not the end of the world.
You must also be working on college essays throughout the summertime and if you have some schools that you will definitely be applying to, it would be good idea to work on your applications. Beside these essays, you should put together your resume of activities and accomplishments throughout your high school years.
College search: narrow down the list of schools on your list
You will continue do your college search and narrow your list of colleges that you will be using to in the fall. This is an ongoing process because you will certainly remain to include and eliminate schools from your list and it will depend upon just how much work you want to put into your future - understanding that this is the most essential choice that you are going to make in your life.
By this time you need to have your transcript in hand with your GPA, your class rank and your test ratings so you can see how you stack up to the last year's entering class of the schools that you are looking at. By comparing your profile to the last year's going into class, you will certainly have an idea of your chances of getting in to these schools.
One of the most important schools on your list will be your academic and financial safety school or schools. Do not make the mistake of using to schools at the top of your profile academically and economically and stress over spending for them later because this will backfire on you and your moms and dads.
College sees: a vital piece in the college admissions procedure
College visits is probably the most essential piece in your college participation and success. If at all possible, visit all of the schools that you plan to use to. Going to colleges is the only way to learn if a specific college is a good suitable for you or not. For the majority of students this is extremely important because it will certainly figure out whether you prosper or not at the institution. If you can't go to the schools that you prepare to use to, you may be wasting some application fees. You will have to see the schools that you will certainly plan to attend after you have actually been allowed and receive the financial aid package in the spring of your senior year.

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